Sovereign States Disputes & Complex Litigation

In addition to litigating before French judicial or administrative courts, our firm may also handle the coordination of its clients’ complex cross-border disputes before either state courts or arbitral tribunals in different jurisdictions.

Judicial and Administrative Litigation

We are committed to shielding our clients from the risk of litigation throughout the implementation of their projects. In particular, we can audit our clients’ contracts with this risk in mind and, during the course of the project, draw the attention of the operational teams in order to defuse or anticipate any risk of litigation with the greatest efficiency.

When litigation does arise, our lawyers devise the strategies best suited to the case. Their skills comprise the specificities of civil, commercial and administrative procedures. In its approach to each case, our team systematically consults its client in order to identify its ultimate goal so that the strategy which is developed and implemented be in line with a global vision of the company’s best interests.

Complex and Cross-Border Litigation

In this day and age, an increasing number of multi-jurisdictional disputes are conducted simultaneously in various national or international fora. We can assist our clients by building with them and, where appropriate, with their counsel before the respective jurisdictions, a comprehensive and coordinated strategy aimed at maximizing their chances of success.

With respect to the enforcement of court decisions or arbitral awards, we can also help our clients look for assets located in France or around the world, and, to this end, develop the appropriate tools for an efficient recovery of their claims.

In addition, the firm has specific experience in the referral of disputes to international organizations (the UN Human Rights Committee; the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency having the authority to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption in relation to activities financed by the World Bank Group and to impose sanctions where appropriate, etc.).

Sovereign Litigation and Consulting

Our firm has a particular expertise in advising and litigating disputes related to sovereign state activities. This know-how involves a number of specific skills.

State Contracts and Litigation

In the field of public or sovereign state contracts, we assist our private and public clients in the context of invitations to tender and in the structuring or drafting of groups of contracts.

We also provide our services in disputes involving states or foreign state entities where, amongst others, the law governing sovereign immunities is concerned.

Sovereign Debts and Restructuring

Our firm can assist its clients in the handling of states’ public debts, whether bilateral or multilateral, public or private, bank or bond, including cases when the occurrence of a default or a risk of default requires restructuring the said debt.

Sanctions, Embargoes and Freezing of Assets

In a context of increased international tensions, embargoes, targeted sanctions and asset freezing are spreading (United Nations, European Union, United States of America, etc.). We assess the impact of these measures on trade and investment activities and ensure compliance with the applicable legal system. Our team may also assist public and private entities in applying for exemptions under these regulations before the competent domestic and international authorities.

Additionally, we can advise our clients on the extraterritorial impact of certain national measures.

Contractual Arrangements and Investment Structuring

Our team of lawyers assists its clients in elaborating, structuring and drafting their contractual arrangements. Our team also ensures the adequacy of the structuring of its clients’ investment projects in France and abroad.

Our team also ensures the adequacy of the structuring of its clients’ investment projects in France and abroad. To this end, it conducts a preliminary analysis of the applicable legal and regulatory framework, whether domestic, European or international. It can also handle the procurement of the appropriate administrative authorizations, as well as the supervision of the mechanisms relating to the control and selection of foreign investments.

Strategic Consulting and Institutional Analysis

Drawing on our lawyers’ extensive experience, we can offer strategic and forward-looking advice to our clients in numerous fields of expertise, including freshly adopted regulations affecting international trade as well as emerging trends in institutional reforms and modes of governance.

At local, national, European and international level, our firm also undertakes to decipher the institutional environment and decision-making processes as they relate to our clients’ activities and projects.