Sanctions, embargoes and asset freeze

Sanctions, embargoes and asset freeze

Advising a French company regarding its eligibility to German public aid schemes following the Covid-19 crisis.

Guiding a foreign company through the process of lifting the asset freeze of an entity before the French General Direction of Treasury

Counsel to a French company on the risk of exposure to sanctions in the event of performance of contractual commitments

Counsel to a French cosmetic group regarding its business relations with a foreign State under sanctions

Counsel to a foreign public bank regarding the performance of a current account agreement with a French banking institution

Counsel to a French transport company assessing the possibility of terminating a contract with a South American State on the basis of US sanctions against that State

Counsel to the Government of a South American State on the consequences of the purchase of a power plant by a US company from a European operator

Counsel to a foreign government regarding the impact of sanctions on its oil industry

Counsel to a French banking group in the context of legal proceedings before the French courts regarding the impact of foreign sanctions on the performance of a contract

Advising a businessman on the process of securing an authorization to thaw frozen assets belonging to a foreign public entity before the French and Swiss public authorities